On the occasion of the launch of our third book Berlin based artist Jason Gringler created a collector’s series of ten unique eBay sculptures. Each piece is accompanied by a bundle of our first three publications.

“I began experimenting with the eBay sculptures in late 2015 (the majority of them were destroyed when I moved to Berlin). I was thinking about parallels between the screen and the glass paintings I was producing at the time. I was looking at art with increasing frequency on my phone—an industrially produced object that is bought, used, sold, or thrown away, yet my work is fabricated by hand, it is labor-intensive and time-consuming. I was hunting for a way to explore the readymade object with slight augmentation that still retained the multi-layered materiality of my glass paintings. Using expired technology seemed like an obvious choice as the materials are a composite of similar industrial ingredients I find myself using in the studio. As tech is designed to render itself obsolete, there is a plethora of supply on eBay at all times. And since I had already linked my work to the screen, it made sense to attempt to produce sculpture using the screen and its technological brethren.”– Read the full interview in our third book.

Please note: All sculptures are sold individually and will be shipped insured and trackable. The order and transaction confirmation serve as proof of authenticity.


Price on Request